Exquisite Long Lapel Flower for Suits and Native Wears
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Sold By: Exquisite Embellishments
Seller type: CORPORATE
Handmade item Exquisite Lapel Flower with long lapel pin. Please send a message of your colors of choice Materials: felt, long lapel pin. Ships nationwide. Suitable on suits and native wears. For Grooms, Groomsmen, Wedding Guests, Churches, Ushers, Choir groups, Corporate groups etc

Colors available are: 





Turquoise Blue



Nigerian green


Army green

Lemon green

Custard yellow


Forest  green

Each felt flower is a Small flower boutonniere whose size is between 1.5cm and 2.5 cm  made of felt.

The boutonniere is attached with the help of a long lapel pin.

Each boutonniere will vary slightly in size and shape due to the handmade nature.

Thanks so much for looking!

Exquisite Embellishments

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